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How To Speak A Man's Physical Touch Love Language.

Aba Brew

May. 06, 2020

Love language is the distinct way through which we all express and experience love.
According to Chapman, we have 5 distinct ways of expressing love and these are:
- Physical touch
- Words of affirmation
- Receiving gifts
- Quality time
- Acts of service
 Identifying your love language comes with some major revelations about the way we let our partners know how much we care for them, so if you're concerned that you don't make your man feel as loved as he really is, assessing his love language might be the answer.
When you know which love languages you and your partner speak, it can make communicating with each other much easier.
If you know that your partner's primary love language is physical touch but you're confused about how to communicate this way, the answers men offered may be just what you've been needing.
Here are Nine ways some men with physical touch as their love language say they adore being touched.
1. Having his back — literally.
"Back tickles, I lay on my stomach with my shirt off and she runs her fingers over my back very lightly. I get Goosebumps every single time. After about ten minutes I get sleepy and I then sleep like a baby. Usually right as I'm drifting off I'll feel the blanket being slid over me and her climbing in bed next to me. If I ever become single again I would legit hire someone just to tickle my back."
2. Cuddling in his lap.
"Show me a girl who can bury her head in my shoulder or chest while caressing my torso with her free hand while I'm lying on my back and I'll show you a girl I'll love to pieces."
3. Getting your kitty cat on.
"I'm a touchy-feely person, so any sort of affectionate touch is welcome and makes me feel loved, really. My favorites though are certainly close hugs, kisses, full-body cuddling, and when she rubs her face all over mine like a cat."
4. Playing with his hair.
"Having my hair played with. I love laying in bed and having my (now ex) just run her fingers through my hair and play with it."
5. Running your fingers through his hair.
"When you’re kissing and they either grab the back of your head or rub their fingers through your hair. Gives me the best sensation in my heart."
6. Resting your head where his heart is.
"For some reason it makes me cool whenever a woman places her head against my chest. It makes me feel so close to her."
7. Clinging to him — in the good way.
"My girlfriend always clings onto my arm as we sleep. Whether we’re spooning or she’s laying on top of me, she always does it. It really makes me feel wanted and needed. Sometimes she gets startled easily, and she’s smaller and I’m bigger, so that makes it all the better."
8. Grabbing hold of his hand.
"Biggest one was one time out of nowhere my ex suddenly grabbed my hand just to hold while we were walking. First time ever she did that. It took me a moment to register, but I loved that feeling."
9. Giving him actual Goosebumps.
"Most anything that triggers goosebumps. Lightly running fingers over most any part of my body. Kiss to the back of the neck. Even when she falls asleep and is breathing on my neck."
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