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I Am Addicted To Spying On Laddies Nakedness- What Should I do?

Denison adzotor

May. 09, 2020

Being a schoolboy was one of the most interesting periods in my life. I never had to worry about anything because my parents took care of me very well.
My parents, I must be grateful to God because they were well to do and I always took advantage of that. I mostly was naughty in many ways but I had a calm and quiet appearance.
My calm and quiet appearance was a camouflage to all the naughty things I did as a basic schoolboy whiles I was in the boarding house.
It all started one day when one of my friends came to tell me that he has been spying on the ladies at their dormitory from a distance when they are done bathing and that he has been seeing things.
As tricky as I was, I asked him how he did that and he made me know that there is a spot where he stands a distance away from the girls' dormitory but because the ladies always open their windows he is able to spy at them with his toy periscope.
I convinced him to show me and he agreed to. The next evening, we went together to the spot at the usual time he goes and I discovered everything he said was through.
We actually spent time watching how the ladies undressed and redressed and all the body parts that they will hide on any day were right in front of us for free.
There was one girl I like a lot so I decided to check her specks. I waited for her turn to come out of the bathhouse. She did so after about 10 minutes of waiting. I took the periscope and watched her undress, she had a nice body and her standing br3ast even killed me. I watched everything about her.
We continued our dirty act for the entire period we spent in the boarding house and that made me become addicted to spying on ladies.
I am now struggling because the urge to spy on ladies keeps on pushing me to do the wrong things which I always get punished for. I was beaten a month ago for spying on a neighbour’s wife. I really want to stop but I need help.
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