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My Son Healed of COVID-19 after Taking Lemon and Ginger - Tanzania President Magufuli


May. 20, 2020

Tanzania’s President Pombe Magufuli on Sunday claimed that his son contracted the dreaded coronavirus but has since been healed.
Speaking during a church service in Chato, Magufuli said that his son isolated himself after which he self-treated with alternative medicine and has since recovered.
Herbs to treat coronavirus
According to Magufuli, his son inhaled boiled herbs and ate lemons and ginger. Surprisingly, the son is now well and can even do push-ups.See below:
During the church service, Magufuli also noted that the covid-19 cases are reducing drastically in Tanzania despite fears that Tanzania could be recording more cases and deaths.
According to Magufuli, if the trend of the decreasing numbers goes on in the coming week, he will reopen schools and sports activities which he says are important at keeping Tanzanians entertained.
He added that Tourists won't be quarantined and urged citizens to go to church to pray against the disease.
Earlier on, Magufuli had stated that the test kits that were being used to test for Covid-19 were faulty. He had claimed that samples from pawpaw and a goat had tested positive for coronavirus.
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