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Eno Barony Teases Sista Afia For Her "Childish" Attacks On Freda Rymz

Samuel Arthur

May. 21, 2020

Famous female rapper, Eno Barony has been spotted on tape teasing Sista Afia for physically attacking Freda Rhymz.
On Monday, Sista Afia attacked Freda Rhymz on TV3 premises for recording a song dissing her personally.
In a video that went viral showing the two heavily exchanging harsh words with each other, Sista Afia is heard cursing and asking Freda Rhymz to say whatever she said in her song to her face.
She attempted to attack Freda by pushing away her security agents but Freda was shoved off by her manager.
Eno barony, in a new viral video on social media, she is seen in the company of TV3’s MzGee and the two were replicating the incident which happened on Monday.
Eno, however, made it clear that she wasn’t fighting because it is a lyrical war instead of an actual fight.
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