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MUST READ: Effect Of Coronavirus On Our View Of Risk : This Week's World Vs Virus podcast


May. 23, 2020

COVID-19 is very different from financial crash of 2008.  Gopinath highlights need for strong public health and economic support.  Also this week: what business leaders see as the biggest risks.  Subscribe to the World Vs Virus on Apple , Soundcloud or Spotify get it every week.
Incredible: that's the word the IMF's chief economist uses to describe the impact of COVID-19 on the global economy.
"We call this the Great Lockdown, because, if you look around the world, the containment measures that have been put in place ... are generating the scale of contraction and activity that are just historical numbers."
The International Monetary Fund's Gita Gopinath tells this week's World Vs Virus podcast what's needed to climb out from the Great Lockdown, and the role globalization will play.
"This is a virus that doesn't respect borders," she tells World Versus Virus. "This requires global cooperation."
Also on the podcast, the COVID-19 Risks Outlook , a survey of some 350 business leaders tells us what they sees as the biggest threats from the pandemic.

   It's the economy, but also cybercrime and further health scares.  Image: World Economic Forum/Marsh & McLennan/Zurich Insurance Group
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