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Canon’s EOS R5 Is the Brand’s Most Powerful Camera Yet

chris kapp

May. 28, 2020

The Canon EOS R5 is being announced like a Hollywood blockbuster, with specs and detailed during full launch – and the latest announcements suggest it could be the most exciting camera of the year.
The full-frame flagship appears to be the result of Canon finally releasing the handbrake on its mirrorless cameras, with video, in particular, benefiting from a new, uncompromising approach. 
It's shaping up to be the most powerful hybrid camera we've seen so far, mixing pro sports shooting with uncropped 8K video.
Dubbed the EOS R5, the upcoming camera uses a newly-designed image sensor and processor to enable no-crop capture of both 8K and 4K video recordings. The former can be shot in a RAW format while the latter can reach up to 120 frames-per-second, and amazing feat for a camera of this size.
All its 8K and 4K modes will support Dual Pixel CMOS AF,Dual Pixel CMOS AF, and a new advanced animal AF mode has been integrated, which is capable of tracking animal eyes, but also their faces and bodies if the eyes aren’t visible.
It boasts five-axis in-body image stabilization which works in tandem with optical image stabilization offered by both RF and EF lenses. Of course, it also carries dual card slots to allow for both a CF card and SD card. 
Most impressively, Canon has announced a price tag of “under $4,000”(GH23,080.00) USD, an exceptional price for a video recording workhorse with specs that can reportedly outperform the $39,000-USD full-frame Sony Venice.
There’s currently no official release date yet for the Canon EOS R5, so photography and videography enthusiasts should definitely be on the lookout for more updates to come.
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