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ONLY TWO S3X POSITIONS: S3X Workers Struggle to End COVID-19 Pr0stitution Ban In Europe


May. 28, 2020

Drama as s3x workers in Europehave drawn up a list of rules which they say minimises the risk of transmitting coronavirus in brothels, in hopes that the region's ban on the industry could soon be lifted. 
It comes as Switzerland's adult industry has been heavily hit by the pandemic, after the government placed a temporary ban on pr0stitution two months ago to help stop the spread of the virus.  
The plan to reopen the industry, prepared by the organisation ProKoRe, suggests that s3x positions which allow for a safe distance between faces, such as 'doggy style' and 'reverse cowgirl', are advisable. 
These positions reduce the risk of transmission of the virus in water droplets, Swiss media outlet Watson reported.  
Both 'doggy style' and 'reverse cowgirl' allow for the woman to face away from her s3xual partner, avoiding face-to-face contact.  
Other measures for protecting the health of s3x workers include ventilating rooms for at least 15 minutes after each customer, and washing bed sheets and hand towels at a temperature of at least 60 degrees each time. 
It also recommends s3x workers to wear a mouth and nose covering at all times. 
Gloves, condoms and disinfectants would also be provided at the brothels and each session should be kept to 15 minutes.  
The document also advises against workers touching the personal belongings of customers, such as a jacket. 
Customer contact data would be recorded for the purpose of tracing and kept for four weeks. 
The document calls for the lifting of lockdown restrictions for s3x workers to coincide with the next easing of measures on June 8. 
ProKoRe urged the Swiss government to lift the restrictions as a matter of urgency, stating that the current ban was giving rise to illegal s3x work and creating safety issues. 
As part of the measures to combat the Covid-19 pandemic, Switzerland temporarily banned pr0stitution from March 16. 
A Thai woman was arrested on March 24 for not closing her establishment in Rheineck in the canton of St. Gallen, and was fined 1,500 Swiss francs (£1,200).  
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