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Monkeys Steal Coronavirus Samples & Eat Them After Attacking Scientists in Asia


May. 30, 2020

A troop of monkeys broke into a medical college in India and stole coronavirus test samples after attacking a lab technician today.
The monkeys took three test samples from Meerut Medical College in Uttar Pradesh this morning.
A technician was carrying the samples before one of the monkeys snatched them from him and was filmed sitting in a tree chewing on them. Those living nearby fear the virus will spread as the monkeys carry the samples around residential areas. See below:
Amir Haque, Lucknow Bureau Chief, said the monkeys had been reported causing a nuisance around the college before but this was something new. 
The police chief said there was a risk of the monkeys spreading the infection to nearby towns. 
Yet accoording to locals, monkeys in their community literally take everything in sight, so it's never a news to them.
India made up nearly a quarter of Asia's new COVID-19infections last Friday, with the continent as a whole accounting for 23 per cent of the world's daily tally - up from a figure as low as eight per cent in March and April.
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