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PICTURED: Police Shot In Head, Cops Rammed by Vehicle, Looters Take Over Business As America Becomes Lawless


Jun. 03, 2020

George Floyd Protest in U.S. Shows no signs of stopping for a six consecutive day.
Four cops were shot in St Louis last night as America was gripped by a seventh straight night of destruction in the wake of George Floyd's death despite Donald Trump's threats of military force. 
Rioters opened fire and wounded four officers in St Louis while others hurled rocks, launched fireworks and poured gas over cops in scenes of 'mayhem' on Monday night.  
An emotional police chief condemned the looters who were 'tearing up cities' with 'no intention of doing anything constructive' as he revealed the four injured officers were in hospital but likely to survive.
Another cop was reportedly on life support today after he was shot in the head in Las Vegas in one of two outbreaks of gunfire in the city.
Donald Trump showed no sign of backing down last night as he threatened to mobilize 'thousands and thousands' of soldiers in cities across the country to bring the 'riots and lawlessness' to an end. See also: Pictured: Shops Torched, Cities Ablaze, Police Car Burnt As Trump Said He Is " The President of Law and Order"
In New York City, Looting is EVERYWHERE as moblized thugs descended on luxury stores for a second night in a row as peaceful protests gave way to looting when the sun went down.
Local Police had dispatched a fleet of officers in a bid to prevent the destruction of the night before but one cop was beaten on a sidewalk while others were powerless to stop the looting.  
In Buffalo, New York, shocking video showed police confronting a group of protesters in the street before a car rammed into officers. Two officer were allegedly injured in that incident. See below: 
Clashes between police and protesters broke out in many other cities including Minneapolis, Washington DC where rioters stage massive protests &  surrounded by police.In central America,  two people were fatally shot and at least 60 others were arrested. 
In the epicentre of chaos, an angry protestors were seen almost out of control, yet she was pulled back by her partner. See below:
Despite most protests are going-on peacefully, looting & shooting cases are on the rise, which critics fear could let the whole protest lose moral highground. 
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