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Evans Nimako fires back at Sammy Gyamfi after criticism of NPP primaries


Jun. 24, 2020

Director of Elections for the New Patriotic Party (NPP), Evans Nimako, wants the National Communications Officer of the opposition National Democratic Congress (NDC), Sammy Gyamfi, to stop poking his nose into the affairs of the NPP.
Mr. Nimako says the NDC has no basis for its attacks on the NPP and the Akufo-Addo-led administration.
His reproach comes on the heels of Sammy Gyamfi’s utterances assertion that the NPP’s recently held parliamentary primaries were full of vote-buying and breaches of COVID-19 safety protocols.
Sammy Gyamfi also said the defeat of 40 incumbent NPP MPs was an indication of the NPPs looming loss in the 2020 election .
But according to Mr. Nimako, Sammy Gyamfi ought to rather focus on learning from the NPP’s best political practices.
“I don’t really expect anything different from what Sammy Gyamfi has said. They have organized the “Yenpeni demonstrations and spent almost millions of cedis and didn’t achieve anything. If he is a good organizer and communicator, he should sit and organize his party. We don’t expect anything else from him. He should just sit back, observe the proper organization of political party events, and stop talking,” he said on Eyewitness News .
Successful primaries
Commenting on the allegations of vote-buying and the supposed violation of the COVID-19 safety guidelines, Evans Nimako indicated that contrary to the claims, the NPP was diligent in its handling of the electoral process which translated into successful conduct of the election.
“We are not aware of any money sharing.  For us at the New Patriotic Party, we would have gone into this delegates conference in 168 centres but because of observing COVID-19 protocols, we decentralized into 2407 voting centres and the conference was very successful.”
“The party has been responsible to the delegates who were made to move from their homes to the centres. they were fed and went back to their homes. We didn’t go beyond 100 people in any of the conference centres, we provided alcohol-based hand sanitizers at all the voting the centres and provided veronica buckets filled with warm water and soap.”
He continued by saying, “the police were there to protect us. The EC conducted the conference, our delegates who were mainly party officers at polling stations electoral area constituencies comported themselves as well as our aspirants and we think that under the circumstance we are not in normal times. This was a huge event that was successful.”
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