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She Claimed To Be A Virgin But Her Hole Is Bigger Than Expected – What Should I Do

Phil Opt

Jun. 25, 2020

Clement recently got married to a girl from his village who according to her parents and herself is a virgin. The news alone made him happy because he was going to marry a virgin, however, something happened during their honeymoon night. He narrated;
I have been looking for a virgin to marry and my parents mentioned my childhood friend whom I used to play with. According to them, she is well behaved and has the potential to be a virgin.
A bit convinced the family met and we started dating and it didn’t take that long for us to get married. In haste to be the first to taste her, I discovered something very odd.
During the penetration I had some difficulties however after entering, it was like I was in a deep and opened hole. I had to pretend I didn’t notice it and managed to just let the night pass.
To be sure of the experience I had s3x with her once again and in fact, I noticed the same thing. Another time she asked for s3x and to my surprise, she took it as if it was nothing at all.
I can’t tell my parents or walk to her parents and present their daughter to them that she wasn’t entirely a virgin even though she bleeds on our first night.
They will think I just wanted to use her and moreover, they trust their daughter so much because they brought her up as good Christians.
We have been together for just three months and I don’t know what to do with her. I wanted to marry a virgin because I was also a virgin and didn’t want to hear any lady complaining of poor performance.  
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