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My Boyfriend Always Thanks God After S3x – What Should I Do?

Phil Opt

Jun. 26, 2020

While having s3x outside marriage is known to be fornication, Philomena’s boyfriend doesn’t mind thanking God each time they are done having s3x. Philomena isn’t happy with his behaviour because it reminds her that she is actually sinning. She narrates;
We have been dating for over a year now and whenever we meet to spend time together, my boyfriend ends with a shout of thanksgiving to God. Whenever he makes such statements I feel bad about it and I haven’t told him yet. After s3x or any form of s3x, he is thanking God.
I sometimes feel that it isn’t God he is thanking but actually using me as a ritual. He isn’t the first guy I have dated and none of my exes makes such comments after s3x.
He isn’t that spiritual to keep on thanking God after s3x, at least, if he asks for forgiveness of sin, I understand, but thanking God just doesn’t make sense.
I remember that during a particular occasion I had to stop him from making it and he almost shouted on me. I tried to ask him why he always had to make such a statement even though he knows we were fornicating.
According to him, he was asking for forgiveness indirectly. This is just unbelievable and why would you thank God when you know you are actually sinning and go direct to just say forgive me.
I had to end things there because it could lead to another thing. He is currently forcing me to do the same and I don’t even know the kind of church he attends because he doesn’t.
I don’t even know any preacher who would teach that you should thank God after fornicating or sinning in a form of asking for forgiveness.
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