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My Daughter Is In Love With Me – What Should I Do

Phil Opt

Jun. 26, 2020

The moment she was born into this world he pledged to be a good dad and also help her become the best person she dreams, however, an unfortunate thing has happened.
My Johnson approached Scooper Observer to share a sad story and needs help. He narrated;
I really love my daughter and would always want to be there for her. My intention, in the beginning, is to teach her who a real gentleman is so I always took her to the cinemas and others.
I mostly take her on a date just to prepare her for relationship and others, but I didn’t know she will grow to love me, her father.
She is currently 18 and almost done with senior high but I don’t know how it ended up. She personally walked up to me and told me she loves me, initially I thought it was a father and daughter love.
But as time went on she wanted to come to sleep in my room. My wife isn’t with us because of work and I have been fathering her more than her mom.
Initially, I spoke with her mum about it and she started blaming me for treating her like the way I did. I had to explain to her that it was for a purpose and not to create such love in her for me.
I have planned to speak to her about her feelings and explain that I was her dad and that her love for me should not be romantic but a daughter and father’s love.
However, I am not sure that things will go well because it is growing worse and worse. She always insist to stay in my room, sleep and even take a shower with me.
What should I do?
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