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I'm Forced To Sleep In Another Man's Home For A Week In Order To Pay Debt – What Should I Do?

Phil Opt

Jun. 29, 2020

During the lockdown after the outbreak of coronavirus in the country several businesses had to be closed down and those we actually fed on exactly what they sold in a day faced several issues.
Mabel and her husband faced a lot and her husband was forced to borrow from friends but hasn’t been able to pay them back. Her husband intends to give her off for s3x as a way of paying the debt. She narrates;
It wasn’t easy during the lockdown as we were both in the informal sector a had to survive on the sales we made at the end of each day.
We barely made it through the first week of the lockdown when we run out of cash and even food. As a result, my husband visited some friends for support and they gave him money that had to be paid post-lockdown.
We both tried to get enough cash by working had but couldn’t gather enough to pay all the debts we owed. The friends of my husband are currently pressuring him and one came with an idea.
According to him if we’re not able to sleep than I would have to stay with him for a week and that will be enough to cover the debt. The idea was so crazy and it caused my husband to find other means to pay but still unable to so he resorted to giving me to his friend.
I am currently in my 30s and we married 3 years ago, however, although going to his friend’s home is the only way we can pay the debt we owed, I don’t like the idea and fear what will happen after.
Living with another man for an entire week is first an abomination, a sin before God and I will be ending my marriage once it's over. What should I do?
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