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My Sister's Son S3xually Abused My Daughters To Death – What Should I Do

Phil Opt

Jun. 29, 2020

Mrs Amanda lost her two daughters, the elderly one who was 13 and the younger who was just 8 years to s3xual abuse from her nephew. She narrates;
Due to the style of my work schedule and the way my husband always travel, we are unable to take care of our two daughters and had to send them to my elder sister who had a son.
We always came for them over the weekend and periods when we are unable to do so, we came for them at the end of work assignment. Supporting them with money has never been the problem and my sister never reported any case of disobedience to us.
However, something was been done behind our back and my husband and I were left in the dark, my daughters could not report it either because their aunty was treating their wounds.
My nephew had been sleeping with my elderly daughter who was just 13 while he was 17 years of age. His mother knew but did nothing to him than treat my daughters by giving them herbal medicines to drink.
This kept on going because we kept too long on our work assignment and the only thing we could do was talk to them via phone call.
The bad news was not far from us as my elder sister called my husband to inform her that our younger daughter was dead. She couldn’t give a vivid answer so we returned quickly and the results were surprising.
According to the doctors, my daughter’s intestines have been destroyed and her vagina was abused. We were all surprised and it caused us to examine the elderly one in addition. The results were the same and my husband is planning on doing something crazy to the family.
My elder sister had to come to me and tell me the entire story of how her son s3xually abused the girls and she couldn’t stop him but rather treat the girls before anything happened. 
My husband wants to imprison my nephew and my sister, but I feel it is too much. We are part to blame.
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