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Amazing iPhone 11 deal gets you 100GB data for £40 a month – saving you £162

Joseph Michael

July. 03, 2020

WANT a brand new Apple smartphone? There's a cracking iPhone 11 deal on offer from Three right now.
It gets you a mammoth 100GB of data and saves you just over £160.
The £40-a-month deal is available from Three's official website, so you can buy directly from the network.
There's a £39 upfront fee, which is fairly low given how new the iPhone 11 is.
And you get a whopping 100GB of data to use each month, as well as unlimited minutes and texts.
iPhone 11 at Three (100GB data) for £40 a month (£39 upfront) – buy here
The total cost of this contract comes to £999 over two years.
That's certainly more than the £729 price tag on an iPhone 11 – but the huge data allowance is where the saving comes in.
Buying a phone outright means you'd need to buy a SIM.
And Three's 100GB SIM card costs you £18 a month – thanks to a deal, because that's usually the price of a 30GB plan.
Over two years, that would tack an additional £432 on top of the £729 iPhone.
So you'd end up with a total bill of £1,161 – exactly £162 more than Three's new iPhone 11 offer.
It's actually a release impressive deal, given that the iPhone 11 is less than a year old.
The handset launched in September 2019, and is Apple's latest flagship smartphone.
It won't be replaced until the end of 2020, but the iPhone 11 will remain a solid handset for many years to come.
Apple has already approved the device for this year's major iOS 14 upgrade, adding loads of new features.
iPhone 11 at Three (100GB data) for £40 a month (£39 upfront) – buy here
All prices in this article were correct at the time of writing, but may have since changed. Always do your own research before making any purchase.
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