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Baby On Board! Njugush And Wife Expecting Baby Number 2

YvonneNgugi KE

July. 03, 2020

The Njugush household is rejoicing and celebrating the conception of their second child on3rd July. Celestine Ndinda announced the news by posting her baby bump photo.
As for Njugush, he captions the photo of him with Celestine saying,
“Naskiza ball.”
The couple is elated about their second pregnancy which is a far cry from their first time around. They revealed in their YouTube channel that their first child was an ‘oopsy baby’.
Asked on why he did not withdraw like he always did before, Njugush said,
"Dereva alisahau kushukisha, saa zingine safari inakua poa unasahau na stories zingine."
His wife was quick to add that although babies are a blessing at the time she was disappointed. We had just been together for four months after their wedding.
"Ulinibore sana, I was very disappointed. Madame tunatakaga tukule life kwanza tukitoka kwa our mum."
Ndinda wedded Njugush in 2016 and gave herself one year to enjoy her marriage.
"I had given myself a one year honeymoon before I gave birth. We got married in December 2016 and we did not have a job."
Njugush had earlier told his wife to quit her job.
"After our wedding, we moved to a two-bedroom but we still did not have a job, I had told my wife to leave her 15k job. The salary would only buy her two pairs of shoes and nothing else.
During our honeymoon we would eat in vibandas, we were so broke."
Luckily they found a job in 2017 with Bountiful Safaris.
"In June 2017 we got a job with bountiful safaris. We were to go to Mombasa and that’s when I was expecting my monthly period. What we did not know was that we were already pregnant with Tugi. I would get cramps but my menses were not coming so we went to Abel to ask for advice, all along my husband always came out."
After going to see Abel his wife made me realize I was 10 days late. The couple has overcome the incident and is happy parents to a son, Tugi who is as humorous as his dad.
This time, they planned for baby number two.
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