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Rich Kids Of Instagram go wild after lockdown showing off their lavish spending sprees and private jet jaunts

Christian Emegwa

July. 03, 2020

WHAT'S the first thing you're going to do when lockdown lifts? Personally, we'll be heading straight down to our local pub for a pint (or two).
But when you're a Rich Kid of Instagram, the easing of lockdown restrictions means it's time to crack out sports car and embark on your first designer shopping spree in months.
Or alternatively, you can finally be reunited with your private jet for a much-needed holiday abroad.
As coronavirus lockdown restrictions begin to ease across the world, Rich Kids have been sharing snippets of their extravagant spending on Instagram - and let's just say, you wouldn't still believe there was a pandemic happening.
Where us mere mortals have had to make do with makeshift masks for the past three months, Russian influencer Dimavika has been rocking a diamond-encrusted face covering.
Posing for a selfie in her Bentley, the social media star showed off her bejewelled face mask before embarking on a shopping spree.
Meanwhile, Los Angeles businessman Alex Bostanian carried out a social distancing date in lockdown.
But where most of us have to make a concerted effort to stay at least one metre apart, this Instagram star instead used his ROLLS ROYCE as a buffer as he enjoyed a nice bottle of red wine in his courtyard.
Alena Mills, from Moscow, also shared a photo of her cuddling her pet dog as she kicked back in her private jet for the first time since the global lockdown.
Similarly, Iranian singer Pooyan Mokhtari couldn't contain his excitement about being able to board his private plane - and stopped for a photo to capture the moment.
And while we've been getting our shopping with some online orders in lockdown, Russian social media star Anna travelled over 1,000 miles from Denver to LA to hit the shops.
Posing on the streets of Beverly Hills, the fashionista showed off her Louis Vuitton and Saint Laurent shopping bags which will no doubt see her through the rest of the pandemic.
American influencers Anna Fyfe and Sydney Mason also jumped at the chance of a beach day - and travelled over 600 miles in their bespoke sports car to catch some rays in Miami.
London-based social media star Daria Radionova also toasted to her first shopping spree since March as she enjoyed a lavish breakfast in the Fendi store in Sloane Square.
For more viral stories, this heir who is ‘addicted to spending money’ swapped his millionaire lifestyle for the streets in Rich Kids Go Homeless.
And a millionaire who splashed the cash on cars said homeless people should "do more" in Rich Kids Go Homeless last week.
Plus this heiress who jets away seven times a year says homeless people ‘should do more’ and not beg.
Rich kids soak up the sun on flash yachts and go on shopping sprees as they kick-start summer holidays
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