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WWE star Becky Lynch insists becoming mum doesn’t mean she will retire and feared she might not be able to have kids


July. 03, 2020

WWE star Becky Lynch has insisted that becoming a mother doesn’t mean she’ll have to retire.
The Man will transform into the Mum in December after announcing her and fiance Seth Rollins are expecting their first child in December.
That led to the Irish star relinquishing her Raw Women’s Title and starting an indefinite hiatus as she prepares for their new arrival .
Rollins - real name Colby Lopez - recently revealed that Lynch had not stepped away from WWE for good.
And the former Becky-two-belts, Rebecca Quin , confirmed that she was determined to start a family while retaining her career.
She told The Bella Twins podcast : “I knew like okay, I want to try and have a baby before 35, and then I met Colby [Rollins], and I was like, well, perfect, this is my person.
“And so this was always the plan because originally I was like, okay, well, I’ll wait until I’m done wrestling, and then I’ll have a family.
“But then I started thinking wait, why do I have to do that?
“Guys don’t have to do that. Hell, I’ll just do it whenever the time feels right.
“So we started trying and I just thought it would take a long time and it didn’t. We were super lucky.”
Originally I was like I’ll wait until I’m done wrestling, and then I’ll have a family. But then I started thinking wait, why do I have to do that? Becky Lynch
She added: “It happened before I would have expected. I was still the champ at the time.”
Lynch also admitted she feared that she may not be able to have children after spending years building up her body.
She said: “Back of my mind I always wanted to be a mother, I always wanted to have a family.
“I started wrestling when I was 15, and just everything I did in bodybuilding competitions, I just felt I had damaged my body a lot.”
Lynch and Rollins have enjoyed a whirlwind romance after first dating in February 2019 before going public with their relationship in May.
They were then engaged three months later and now they have taken their relationship to the next level.
Now with Lynch expecting her child in December, that looks likely to rule her out for at least the majority of 2021.
WWE's Becky Lynch announces she's expecting her first child with fiancé Seth Rollins
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