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Majid Michel wife nearly showed her nude body in Majid’s live video


Aug. 04, 2020

With the emergency of Social media and its live streaming is its accompanying dangers of putting images one does not intend for it to be out in the public domain.
One of the very few celebrities in Ghana who are very well respected is Majid Michel and he nearly committed a huge blunder in a video of him on social media.
As usual, the favorite Ghanaian actor who is now a pastor shared a video training at his hall.
But unfortunately, his wife who was coming from the bathroom nearly popped up in the video naked.
Luckily, she saw the camera and swiftly dashed back into a corner. Majid who has no idea what had just happened continued with his training.
Watch the video below
Majid Michel is married to Virna Michel, a very beautiful Ghanaian lady. She is an entrepreneur and an advertiser.
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