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Lady Celebrates 28 Years Of Living With HIV (Photos)


Aug. 09, 2020

Doreen Moraa Moracha, a lady who has been living with HIV since 1992, is celebrating 28 years of living with the virus.
She wrote;
“Living with HIV since 1992(the year I was born) Been on ARVs since 2005. Tested and officially Diagnosed on my 8th birthday 20 years ago. I AM GREATER THAN HIV. I AM A BEAUTIFUL STORY.
On another post, she wrote;
“28 years ago, the Moracha family was blessed with a baby girl, her name Doreen Moraa Moracha. 8 years later she was diagnosed with HIV. There were no ARVs and no hope that she would live to see her 28th birthday today I celebrate LIFE because I AM GREATER THAN HIV and a fabulous host to a tiny guest. HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME”
According to reports, In 1996, the total life expectancy for a 20-year-old person with HIV was 39 years. In 2011, the total life expectancy bumped up to about 70 years. The survival rate for HIV-positive people has also dramatically improved since the first days of the HIV epidemic.
Meanwhile, People with HIV are not dangerous to the people they live with at home or in the community and with whom they have ordinary, non-sexual contact. Certain precautions should be taken, however, to minimize risk. First, personal items such as razors, toothbrushes or earrings, should not be shared.
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