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Girlfriend Rejects Boyfriend’s G-Wagon Car Gift Simply Because Of The Colour(Video)

Charles Kofi Amoaku

Aug. 14, 2020

A video has surfaced on the net which has a lady who rejected a G-Wagon worth N6.6 million from her lover simply because she did not like the color.
In the video, the car was decorated with a red ribbon to surprise his girlfriend.
As any man will do, the guy covered the eyes of his girlfriend with a cloth and took her to where the car was parked. He then took off the blindfold and the lady burst into tears and rejected the car simply because she did not like the color he chose.
The guy was shocked by her reaction as he was seen standing confused as to what will make her reject such an expensive car because of the color, just color oooh.
Watch the video below:
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