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Oboy Siki Explains Why He Will Be Disappointed In God If He Meets Any Politician In Heaven

Alex Sedofia

Aug. 14, 2020

Kumawood actor, Oboy Siki has explained why he will be disappointed in God if he meets any politician in Heaven.
He elaborated that politicians are very wicked—and they always go any length to do what will benefit them but not things that will favor the general public.
Talking about the Bible’s viewpoint on stealing, Oboy Siki stated that politicians are very good at stealing to live better lives while the majority suffers.
“If I see a politician in heaven, I will be disappointed in God. In politics, the young insults the old, and the old insults their counterparts. They also steal money that the bible is against,” he stated.
Oboy Siki also commented on how some of these politicians kill others when it best suits their interests.
“They kill people. We got to a point where were saw human head on the street of Ghana. When a Politician goes to the juju man and he asks for human blood, there is no way he/ she will say no, they will give the go-ahead. So If I meet even one politician in heaven, I will be disappointed,” the aged Kumawood actor added.
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