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Stop Preparing Your Meat With These Two Ingredients


Aug. 15, 2020

When you see what people use in preparing their foods, it would leave you in shock. That is why you should watch where you eat and you should have some levels of trust if you are meant to eat from a particular place because I was left in awe when I discovered people use potash to cook beans and also paracetamol and potash to cook meat. 
I asked them, why they use these ingredients to cook? you know what their reply was, that it makes the food to be ready a lot faster. Well, after I weighed the pros and cons of this method of cooking I found out that the saying "slow and steady, wins the race" wasn't only centered on activities that excluded cooking. Stay with me as I show you the demerits in using these ingredients in cooking. I know most of you have questions like, why are these ingredients bad? Which organ does it damage? I would answer them in a jiffy.
Potash and paracetamol are not supposed to be used for cooking, especially paracetamol, it is an analgesic drug that reduces pain. Potash has the ability to destroy the liver and kidney cells because those chemicals present in those foods are transferred to the liver so it can be detoxified, and when there is an increased concentration of this toxin, they start to destroy the cells of the liver and in return starts to destroy the cells, since aggregate of cells make up the organ.
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