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Opinion: Don't Go About With Foul Smell, Read How You Can Stay Fresh All Day


Sept. 20, 2020

Let's talk Deodorants .
First of all, it is totally unacceptable to leave your house without wearing one.
It’s not enough to bath 10 times a day, anytime you find yourself leaving the house, kindly use at least, a body spray and a deodorant.
The work of a deodorant is to reduce underarm sweating, while a body spray keeps your body refreshed, leaving you with a sweet fragrance for up to 48 hours. I Don’t know about you all but I get a bit offended when a well-dressed guy/lady has a pool of sweat under his arms.
And guess what? They are not that expensive.
Deodorants are between 1500-1700, you can get body sprays for as low as 800-1000 Naira. There are some being hawked by some Hausa men at parks etc, very easily affordable too.
Stop inconveniencing people with the ooze from your body. Nigeria is so hot that we find ourselves sweating every minute of the day, where there is no serious heat from the sun, the heat from hardship takes over.
The right thing to do is get yourself a good body spray and deodorant.
I recommend body sprays with strong stinging smell for Men, you can choose to mix difference fragrances. A combination of different, lovely fragrance, gives you a heavenly scent. Anyone that crosses paths with you will want to linger a bit, for a conversation or at least to ask for direction.
Please, forget about perfumes. You really do not need them. Perfumes don't take care of body odour, it rather escalates it. It's more like spraying a perfume on a he-goat; the smell becomes pungent! With a good body spray like, you don't need any perfume, because it can last on your clothes for a week.
When using a body spray, make sure you wear it under your arms. Many make the mistake of wearing it on their clothes. That is very wrong! In my opinion, it is perfumes that are meant to be worn on clothes, but body sprays should be worn under the arm.
Also, don't forget to always keep the hair in your armpit low. When it is overgrown, sweat hardly gets dried there, causing unpleasant smell.
I hope you read this and take note
Don't go smelling like a he-goat, help others breathe well and freely. Take Responsibility Today!
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