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Northerners and Ga’s Are Have Been Treated Like They Can’t Govern The Country – Ibrah One


Oct. 29, 2020

Ghanaian Young millionaire, Ibrah One born Ibrahim Daudo has waded into the perception that Northerners and Ga’s are people who are not fit to govern the country.
According to him, a Northerner will attain the power to rule Ghana next year contrary to claims that these two region tribes above can’t govern Ghana.
In a social media post, the socialite asserted that Northerners are not slaves and are capable of ruling the country.
He wrote “Those saying Northerners are slaves and Northerners can’t rule a nation, next year northerner will rule the nation.
You can go to hell whether you like it or not. The Ga’s and the Northerners have no say in this country because the Akan’s have made them less Ghanaians”
The young millionaire has recently become a political activist and a prophet and he predicts things that will be happening with regards to the impending elections
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