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Report: British Labour party failed to tackle anti-Semitism


Oct. 29, 2020

London, Oct.29, (dpa/GNA) - A report by the independent Equality and Human Rights Commission (EHRC) has uncovered "serious failings" regarding investigations of anti-Semitism in the British Labour party.
The EHRC said the report, published on Thursday, was prompted by concerns about anti-Semitism in the Labour party that surfaced in recent years, including under the leadership of Jeremy Corbyn between 2015-2019.
"Our investigation found significant failings in the way the Labour party has handled anti-Semitism complaints over the last four years," the report said.
"Some complaints were unjustifiably not investigated at all," it added.
The report also found "evidence of political interference in the handling of anti-Semitism complaints throughout the period of the investigation."
According to the report, the evidence amounts to breaches of the Equality Act.
"Today's report provides Jewish Labour members with the relief that they have been seeking from the Labour party, but which it failed, over five years, to offer," the Jewish Labour Movement said in a statement.
"The blame for this sordid, disgraceful chapter in the Labour party's history lies firmly with those who held positions of leadership," it added.
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