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These Disney Princesses Would Do Perfectly Well In Quarantine

Comrade Yemi ENITAN

Oct. 29, 2020

I think we can all agree which Disney princess would not do too well in isolation, left on their own with no friends to chat with or swim with - you know who you are. But there are some princesses that would rule spending time in quarantine , if not prefer it altogether.
Credit: Disney
This girl had to share a house with her evil step-mother and horrible step-sisters, clean up after them, and spend her days seeing to their every whims and desires. She would definitely appreciate a little time on her own, perhaps sliding down those stair rails instead of wiping them, watching some Netflix instead of stoking the fire, and just not having to hear the high pitch nasally voices of those severely ill mannered step-sisters.
Snow White
Credit: Disney
Snow would have no issue spending some time alone, after all, she did have to hide out in the woods with strange dwarves for some time to avoid having her heart cut out. Plus, she can bake just about anything, forage for berries and she keeps an extremely sterile home, so quarantine really wouldn't be all that difficult for her. Providing Grumpy manages his temper, Snow White would have no issues keeping her distance from others. She would, after all, have a bubble of 7 others that already live with her.
Credit: Walt Disney Studios
So Elsa is actually a queen, but she still deserves to be on the list. She is the ice queen who kept herself locked away in a room for years in order to keep her sister safe. She allowed no one to come near her for the longest time. Then she does it again, this time going to the top of a snowy mountain where she resides alone in a snow castle . Elsa would have zero trouble during quarantine.
Credit: Instagram/elsa.lover.frozen
Poor Anna didn't want to, but had to keep to herself, dancing down the palace hallways and talking to the paintings on the wall, all because her parents died and her older sister refused to come out of her room. Unlike other teens, Elsa wasn't brooding, she just didn't want to accidentally kill her sister by freezing her or sending an ice dagger through her heart. Still, Anna amused herself for almost a decade; she would breeze through a couple of weeks.
Credit: Disney
Being given orders to stay inside and go nowhere outside the castle walls, would be heaven for Belle, now that her beast turned into a prince. She would simply curl up by the fire, wrap herself up in a cozy blanket and read book after book. After all, the Beast did turn into quite the looker, he has a staff to serve Belle and there is an enormous library. Nothing would make Belle happier than to refuse all visitors and stick her nose in a book.
Credit: Disney
Princess Tiana's a no-brainer. She has incredible self-control , is determined, and has unwavering will power. She is probably holding up in the Port Orleans Resort in Disneyworld right now, chillin' by the bayou, listening to music and cooking up a feast. She may have some trouble keeping others away from her cooking though.
Credit: Disney
There are some people that would find the situation of having to be in quarantine for 2 weeks, hairy; try being in complete solitude for 18 years. That's what poor Rapunzel had to deal with, in a dull tower far above the ground with no one to visit with except and evil sorceress that claims to be her mother. While she probably wouldn't be too happy about it, as long as it wasn't back in the stone tower, she could knock out a typical quarantine period easily.
Credit: Disney
This princess has self-isolation down to an art, after being cursed to sleep for 100 years, and somehow still managed to look fabulous. Then again, she did have one of the longest beauty sleeps in history, and with few visitors, other than her parents and the fairies that watch over her, so she's used to not hanging out with friends. As long as they keep the smooching prince away, she would be just fine.
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