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14 Hollywood Celebrities Who Are Ghanaians

Gideon Twum

Dec. 01, 2020

Ghanaians are known to travel far and wide. Not only to survive but they strive in where ever they find themselves. This would be surprising to you, most of the brilliant celebraties we see on our screens from hollywood are Ghanaians. A few have traced their roots to Ghana.
1. Idris Elba
He is a Ghanaian and a half Seralonean. You may have come to know, this romantic actor like to be in Ghana than anywhere else. He even featured in VVIP selfie song. He is a big hollywood star who has been featured in series of movies. He started in netflix "Beast of no nation" with Abraham Ata and other Ghanaian stars. Idris Akuna is his name. He is an actor, producer, musician, DJ and rapper.
2. Kofi Kingston
He is a United States wrestler who was born to Ghanaian parents at Kumasi. Over 11 years in wwe Kofi became a world champion by beating Daniel Bryan on Sunday night at wrestlemania 35. Kofi kingston not only reaching a career milestone but made WWE history as well.
3. Vic Mensa
If you are a fun of hip - hop then this rapper is not new to you. He is half Ghanaian and a half American. Victor Kwesi Mensa known professionally as Vic Mensa. He is an American rapper, singer, songwriter and record producer from chicago.
4. Peter Mensah
The spartacus movie star is actually a Ghanaian and was born in Accra. He lived in Ghana for a while before he moved to settle in the State.
5. Freema Agyemang
She is a popular actress and a Ghanaian by blood. She was born to a Ghanaian father. She is known for playing Matter Jones in the BBC science fiction series doctor.
6. Senyo Kodjoe Amoaku
He is an international movie director with huge ties to hollywood. He was born to Ghanaian parents from Volta Region in Ghana.
7. John Travolta
The movie star was born in Accra, Ghana. He left to the States at an early age. By law he is a Ghanaian. Travolta first became known in 1970s, appearing in television series "welcome back".
8. Vincent Dery
Vinz of the Nico and Vinz group from Norway. He is half Ghanaian, half Norwaygian. Vinz was born to a Ghanaian father.
9. Boris Kodjoe
He is a talented model and hollywood actor. He is a native of eczema in the Western Region of Ghana.
10. Vanessa L Williams
The talented hollywood actress recently reviewed her DNA test, and views some of her ancestry is from Ghana.
11. Cynthia Robinson
Cynthia came to lum light when she played the role of Amanda Weyla in Arrow tv. She is half Ghanaian, half American. Her mother comes from the Eastern Region of Ghana. She was also part of the spartacus movie.
12. Don lemon
Another famous personality in US who has traced his ancestry to Ghana. This particular event was documented and telecast on CNN. He is an American journalist and author. He is an award winning news anchor for CNN in New York City.
13. Forest Whitaker
He revealed that he was a Ghanaian to Opera Winfrey on a show. He is a producer and a director who has earned a reputation for intensive character study work for movies such as the "crime game".
14. Christopher James Williams
He is a hollywood actor who traces his root from Ghana.
Source of photos: Google
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