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You Travel Time for Lottery, but I Travel Time to Kill Myself!🤪What is K-drama Starred by Lee Min-ho Doing?!


Dec. 01, 2020

Your Oppa Lee Min-ho's first comeback drama after his retirement off the army is still on fierce discussion in Korea! The King: Eternal Monarch is what we are discussing.
"The King: Eternal Monarch" is starred by Lee Min Ho, Kim Go-eun, Woo Hwan, Kim Kyung Nam, and Jung Eun Chae. This is also Lee Min Ho's first screen drama after his retirement from the army.
It is also his first time that he shows up in screen in three years, with the famous screenwriter of "Guardian: The Lonely and Great God" , "Heirs", "Descendants of the Sun", Jin Eun-suk, who returned and served as the lead writer of this drama.
Set under the theme with "parallel world" as the background, the drama is strange but fresh. God released the devil into the world, and the devil opened the door to the parallel world. The love romance between the reality and the parallel world is thus unfolded.
This type of drama that travels through parallel worlds tests not only the acting skills of the actors, but also the comprehension of the script by the creative team.
Lee Min Ho, "The King: Eternal Monarch", takes the audience into another parallel world with a different tone and style from the past. He brought the perfect monarch, Lee Gon, who is kind and meanwhile evil, and the plot is full of ups and downs but fascinating.
From the facet of actors, plot, and creative team:
Lee Min Ho's acting skills are one of the widely admitted strength and his appearance has popularity among many audiences. Every work since his debut has been popular around the world.
Lee Min Ho plays the third-generation emperor Lee Gun. He is a perfect monarch with a beautiful appearance, elegant and characteristics, as well as a combination of civil and military skills. Kim Go-eun plays the Korean criminal policeman Jeong Tae-il, who has a sweet appearance and a lovely personality.
The detective Jeong Tae Eul (Kim Go-eun) is cool and sweet. Such a two-person couple is like "Guardian" meets "Heirs", breaking the dimension wall, and people are extremely looking forward to the spark between the two.
At that time, the narrative setting, arranging the characters, and setting the relationship between the plot first broadcast, the screen is soft, the color is comfortable, and the plot composition ratio is relatively reasonable. The male and the female lead are full of CP feelings, mixing the mood of the audience's expectations.
The plot is set to have two parallel worlds, one is the world of the monarchy empire where the hero is, and the other is the world of the Republic of China where the heroine is.
The time point for Lee Lim's interrogation is 2020. The story is a flashback narrative. The latter story starts from the empire in the winter of 1994. The costumes in the first episode are just the costumes of the royal family members. The story begins in 1994.
Lee Lim died on June 27, 1995. The details appeared twice. He was actually 70 years old, but he has barely been old since the winter of 1994.
Flashing back to the imperial conspiracy, the prince led several people into the imperial palace, such as cutting melons and vegetables, and the screen splashed instantly. Lee Gon (played by Lee Min Ho)’s father was rescued by a shark and Lee Gon was rescued , Lee Gon dragged the the woman's work permit down, thinking that she was the heroine who saved him.
The king’s strategy was unsuccessful. He took half of his flute and crossed to Korea. He killed himself, brother, sister and nephew (possibly not dead) in this world, and then threw the body of  himself into the Korean Empire to disguise himself as dead.
Time passed, ten years later, the male protagonist grew up and was guided by the rabbit (should be the female protagonist of the Korean Empire) to the bamboo forest with the gate of space, then crossed to the Republic of Korea and met the female protagonist.
ps: The rabbit should be Luna Luna, Zheng Taiyi's role in the parallel world of the Korean Empire, and Lee Lim is a group, it is she who led Lee Gon to the bamboo forest and into the parallel world.
Teenage Lee Gon heard the sound of the flute and went to the Tianzun library. It was more like a call for him to go to that place. The appearance of the shuttle gate in the bamboo forest should be related to the flute. The third episode preview Lee Gon (played by Lee Min Ho) found that the time can be paused, which should be The function of passing through that door.
Compared with the content itself, the appeal of Lee Min Ho and other actors and writers, as well as the unique setting of the theme, are the main factors that make the K drama "King: Eternal Monarch" popular among the audience.
The costumes of the characters are delicate and decent, and the background is magnificent, which fully reflects the beauty of the Korean drama.
"The King: Eternal Monarch" team
These years, Netflix is really giving its love to Korean dramas. Count what you have heard of. The recent "Kingdom 2", "Chief of Staff ", "Hospital Playlist", "Crash Landing on You" etc, and also this one "The King: Eternal Monarch". Netflix will invest more and more in Korean dramas.
In fact, no matter who writes the plot, the main purpose is to make the audience like it, and feel sincerity at the first glance of the drama. Also, making the audience look forward to a better life is what the directors and producers want.
With the continuous improvement of the audience's aesthetic taste, the creation of drama series must take the essence and capture the hot spots and emotions of the times.
For the further plot, come and watch it, you will not regret! 😋
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