I need a seamstress to sew bras for my huge boobs- lady with biggest breasts in Ghana pleads ( Video )

Felix adhekoyibo.

March. 02, 2021

Ghanaian busty Instagram sensation, Joyce Addo popularly known as Busty GH has pleaded with dressmakers in the country to come to her aid to sew well-fitting bras for her.
Speaking in an exclusive interview with Kofi Adoma on Kofi TV,Busty GH disclosed that she does not know the actual size of her breasts so,it is very difficult getting the perfect brassieres to conceal the huge melons fully without popping out at the sides.
According to her,due to shyness,she used to wear oversized clothes just to hide her boobs to prevent people from teasing and criticising her.
Busty GH says she is no longer bothered about the prying eyes and moves about freely after realizing that what she carries on her chest is an ‘asset’ for some prominent men.
Watch the full video below
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