Meet The Beautiful Kehinde Bankole And Her Twin Sister

Aribido BabaJide Emmanuel

Feb. 27, 2021

In Nigeria it is said that the best set of baby to give birth to is a twin set, as they better that twins tends to bring forth good luck to such a family, making rich and popular. The main reason behind this is that most twin that are been given birth to are usually very talented and are extremely good at what ever they set theoer hans to do. For example one will check out Psquare. Peter and Paul are multi- talented as they can both sing and dance at the same time making them really special in their own way. So the believe still stand that a set of twins is a special kind of gift from God to man.
The Bankole Twins is not excluded, the Bankole Twins are talented as they are both into acting, although kehinde is more frequent on our television but we know they both act.
The Bankole Twins where Born into the family of an Architect and an administrative secretary, Mr Babatunde Bankole and mrs Titilayo Bankole, with shouts of joy and happiness the family received the Bankole Twins on March 27 1985. The twins grew up to adults who are now celebrated all over Nigeria today. Kehinde is the most popular one of the them.
Kehinde Bankole is an actor, model and television host. She has made marks in the miss commonwealth beauty pageant in 2003 and then 2004 Most Beautiful Girl in Nigeria Pageant. She won the 2009 Best Nollywood Awards.
Wale Adenuga productions has alot to play in her fame as she became famous after her appearance in super- story, Papa Ajasco and this life.
Taiwo Bankole is a seasonal actor, a very beautiful queen who acts once in a while for fun. Because the acting spirit is in her so she tends to act too once in a while.
No doubt you' ll agree with me that they are both beautiful and successful. And twin are God' s blessing to mankind.
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