Checkout These Countries That Still Practice Slavery In This Modern Days

Folaranmi olamide

March. 02, 2021

Slavery is the state of being under the control of someone where a person is forced to work for another. Although these evil act has been officially abolished in most part world, it still been practice illegal in some countries.
A person today is considered enslaved if they are forced to work against their will; are owned or controlled by an exploiter or " employer" ; have limited freedom of movement; or are dehumanised, treated as a commodity.
According to the the International Labour Organization it is estimates that, over 40 million people are in some form of slavery today. And that is why today we will be sharing with you these 5 country who still illegally practise these modern day slavery
1) India
According to a Walk Free Foundation report in 2018, there were 46 million people enslaved worldwide in 2016, and there were 8 million people in India were living in the forms of modern slavery, such as bonded labour, child labour, forced marriage, human trafficking, forced begging, among others
2) China
In 2018, the Global Slavery Index estimated that there are approximately 3. 8 million people enslaved in China. Most of these slaves work in the manufacturing sector. China industrialisation comes at a cost of using people as slaves thereby enhancing their productivity level.
3) Libya
Slavery in Libya has a long history and a lasting impact on the Libyan culture. It is closely connected with the wider context of slavery in the North African and trans- Saharan slave trade.
At least 40 million people worldwide are estimated to be trapped in modern slavery today- more than ever before- as poverty, conflict and crises fuel the growing global slave trade. From men made to work in factories, farms and fishing boats and women forced to sell their body to people exploited for their organs and children sent to beg or forced to marry, human trafficking is one of the fastest growing criminal enterprises.
5) North Korea
It is estimated that North Korea has the world' s highest rates of modern- day slavery, with about one in 10 people enslaved.
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