Creepy moment ‘skinwalker’ leaps through long grass and sprints towards camera


March. 02, 2021

A TIKTOK user driving around at night claims to have captured the moment a pale creature leaps through a patch of long grass and hurtles towards them.
While a portion of the millions of viewers who've watched the video claim the creature is a mythical 'skinwalker', other more sceptical viewers say the footage has been created in an attempt to "fool people".
The clip, uploaded by TikTok user @itz_louisvuitton , appears to be capturing a grassy area being lit up by a torch held by the person filming from the car.
It sounds as though those occupying the car are scouring the area for animals, as we hear a voice say: “I thought I’d seen a big buck or something”.
The voice continues, asking their companion, who is presumably driving, “Is that a buck?”
At this point, their companion’s voice cuts in, shrieking “what is that!”.
The camera then focuses on a pale, human-like creature, which appears to be hurtling through the grass towards the vehicle.
The original narrator’s voice also sounds panicked, saying “Dude, what is that?!”
At this point the camera swerves down, and the clip abruptly ends.
The TikTok user did not say what, or who, they thought the creepy-looking figure could be.
The video was titled “scary”, accompanied by a shocked emoji.
The video had proved popular on TikTok, garnering more than 900,000 likes from more than 6 million viewers.
Gobsmacked viewers weighed in on what they thought the creature could be, the Daily Star reported.
Some hypothesised that it could be a “skinwalker”, a mythical creature from the Najavo culture, said to roam around the wilderness at night.
According to legend, the skinwalker is a kind of witch and has the ability to transform into a variety of different animals.
"Skinwalker, rake, or pale man,” one viewer wrote.
A second viewer commented: "Skinwalker or windigo bro. They dangerous."
"That’s a skinwalker if ever I saw one," said a third.
Another viewer argued: "Guys that’s not a skinwalker, skinwalkers have fur or turn into animals and lure people to them. That’s a windigo."
A viewer with a more sceptical line of thought said it was unusual that the occupants of the car happened to be filming at the right time.
The footage was an “attempt to fool people,” they said.
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