Find Out Shocking Reasons Why Osama's Body Was Buried At Sea

Joe Remez

March. 02, 2021

Osama bin laden was killed on a raid by the united states marine, his body was buried at sea withing 24 hours. Based to the Imam called Abduljalil Sajid, member of the Muslim Council for Religious & Racial Harmony, normally four key steps should be followed in burial of a Muslim. First is washing of the corpse, after which the body is shrouded in white clothes and a ritual prayer conducted. After all that, then the body will be clear to be buried.
An imam' s present is not as such necessary in burial the procedures should just be carried out by any Muslims who knows the basic Muslim law required during burial.
But for Osama Bin Lade, it is not clear whether or not any such person was present or if any burial process were followed. However, one may wonder whether sea burial granted to Osama was really necessary or appropriate in this case. Normally, burial at sea is only applicable when someone dies on a sea journey, but in Osama' s case there was no apparent reason for it.
Most people suggested that the US authorities could have simply found someone, even a family member of Bin Laden family, or even one of his supporters who would have followed the steps and give the body a proper burial. However, burying Bin Laden at sea was not forbidden if there was literally no one to receive the body and also to provide a Muslim burial. And for Bin Laden, it is neither true nor correct to claim that there was literally nobody in the entire extensive Muslim world in position to receive Bin Laden' s body.
Essentially, sea burials was allowed but only in extraordinary and tricky circumstances, and bin laden' s situation was not one of them.
However, the United States officials have given two straight forward reasons as to why they arrived at sea burial as the most suitable. The US authority chose the sea burial first because they did not want his grave to become a shrine worshiped by his fanatics. And secondly, there was literally no time to begin negotiations with other countries in order to arrange a possible burial on land which was most preferred by many muslims.
Based on reliable sources, the Saudi Arabian government actually refused to receive bin laden' s body, and this technically suggests that an offer was actually made, and should Saudi Arabian government have accepted the body, there would actually have been a grave for him, which could have theoretically become a shrine for his supporters.
The last thing the U. S government wanted was for Osama' s burial place to become a terrorist shrine, and in order to avoid that, they resolved to bury his body at sea, leaving absolutely no definitive location for the final resting place of his body which served the interests of the U. S government.
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