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Senator says Mt Kenya risks slow development


July. 11, 2019

Mt Kenya region is likely to lag behind in development owing to unending political bickering among its leaders, Kiambu Senator Kimani Wamatangi has said.
Speaking yesterday in Limuru, the senator urged all elected leaders to heed President Uhuru Kenyatta’s call to stop early 2022 campaigns and instead ensure they fulfil their 2017 campaign pledges to the electorate.
Wamatangi said leaders from other regions are busy seeking development for their areas whereas their Central region counterparts are focused on who will be president in 2022.
Oversight freely
“People from other areas have embraced unity and are working closely with Uhuru. Here people are engaged in petty Kieleweke versus Tanga Tanga  politics,” he said.
“They are dividing our people at the expense of the much-needed infrastructural development and job creation for our youth. I beg them to wait at least until 2021 to start campaigning,” he added.
At the same time, Wamatangi expressed hope that the recent ouster of Kiambu County Assembly leadership would streamline operations and independence of the House.
He said all arms of county governments should be autonomous and devoid of interruption by the Executive. “County Assemblies should be independent so as to oversight the Executive freely,” he said.
On Monday, Ndeiya MCA Gideon Gachara was elected as the Assembly Leader of Majority replacing Anthony Ikonya, who was accused of being used by Governor Ferdinand Waititu’s administration to bulldoze the passage of bills favourable to him. Chief Whip Alex Kabuu was replaced by Simon Karima.
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