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Debate: Is Earthgang the New Outkast?


Sept. 11, 2019

An influencer that I blocked years ago took to Twitter to fix her fingers to say Earthgang is the new Outkast "except with two Andre 3000's.."
Now, that's not a hot take, there are many similarities, but for the internet, and long time fans of the ATL-iens, they weren't taking the disrespect.
NOW, earlier this year - Earthgang came up to the station during their tour stop in Houston, we ate vegan food and just chatted about Dreamville (this was before Revenge of the Dreamers 3 dropped), talked about rappity rap camp, when Mirrorland would drop (before the album dropped this past weekend) and more.
If you're not familiar with them yet, they do draw a lot of comparisons to Outkast, here are a few songs:
BUT, are they on the level of Outkast? What do you think?
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