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A Worthy SAS Hero Saved Hundreds of Lives!!!


Nov. 15, 2019

An SAS soldier who killed two Islamic militants during a terror attack in Kenya will be given one of the UK’s highest honours.
He will be awarded a Conspicuous Gallantry Cross, a bravery medal second only to a Victoria Cross, for his response to gun and grenade attack by al-Shabaab terrorists on the DusitD2 hotel in Nairobi on January 15.
The terrorists killed 21 people, including British charity worker Luke Potter, before the bloodshed was brought to a stop.
The unnamed elite soldier will be given the medal by the Queen later this month, The Sun reported. 
He entered the complex without backup to help evacuate 700 people. 
One image showed the Briton carrying a wounded man to safety as blood poured from the casualty’s back.
The special forces veteran, who has reportedly served for 18 years in the SAS, shot and killed two of the four gunmen on his valiant solo raid.
He reportedly only got involved in the counter-terror operation when US Navy Seals asked for his help.  
The soldier was only supposed to provide mentoring and training to Kenyan troops while in the country. 
But as the terrorists attacked, American special forces who were on hand had not been given the green light to go in.
Kenyan counter-terror police were in control of the assault against the militants, but when the SAS man was given his orders he moved in on the hotel complex himself.
Armed with a Colt Canada C8 assault rifle and a Glock handgun he worked to put a stop to the terrorist threat.
A source said: ‘This is an incredible honour and truly deserved. What this man did will go down in the history of the SAS.
‘Yet it nearly didn’t happen after a row on the ground.'
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