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6 most common reasons you keep gaining weight (Number 3 will shock you)


Dec. 06, 2019

When it comes to our weight, it is pretty easy to gain than to lose. Most times we complain of controlling our diet that we forget that it takes more than eating a certain type of food to gain weight. We will take a look at the six things you never knew could make you gain weight and trust us number three will surprise you.
Sitting with TV and PC
In this age and time where technology is making our jobs easier, people spend lesser hours doing really handy jobs but spend more hours watchingg TV and working on our computers. We spend no time at all or very few time at the gym or outside moving around. It’s this on-your-butt lifestyle that’s to blame for most of our nation’s obesity, and it’s often one of the biggest reasons for weight gain (pun intended). Get up off the couch and get moving!
Quitting smoking may be the best thing you can do for your health, but it’s not easy… and since some of the nasty chemicals in cigarettes are stimulants, once you do quit, you might gain a little weight. But that’s certainly no reason not to quit! Kick up the intensity of your workout and watch your calories, and you’ll be fine… and you’ll be so much healthier!
As you age, your body realigns itself hormonally and metabolically, and especially as you approach menopause, you might notice a little weight gain, even though your diet and workout regimens haven’t changed. Make an appointment with your doctor to discuss your options, which may include hormone replacement therapy or a new diet and fitness plan.
Stress can make you eat more, and to crave comfort food… so it can be another reason for weight gain. Rather than drowning your stress and sorrows in mashed potatoes, try addressing the source of the stress, or coping with it through exercise.
You’re standing there in front of the fridge, waiting for something to jump out at you. You’re not really hungry, you’re just bored! So as innocuous as it sounds, boredom can be another reason for weight gain.
It’s so much easier to crash o the couch after work, and order a pizza to eat while watching TV than it is to prepare a healthy meal and then go for a brisk walk. But this lazy lifestyle is another one of the leading reasons for weight gain and obesity. Resist the urge to veg, and embrace a more active lifestyle… you’ll live longer, and fitter!
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