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You Want Dark Mode For Your Facebook App? Get The Lite


Feb. 16, 2020

Smartphone UIs have been getting increasing darker over the past couple of years, culminating with the arrival of a system-wide dark mode with Android 10 and iOS 13. A lot of the major apps had the option for a dark theme before that, but even afterwards a couple of the most used apps don’t offer the capability just yet – Google Maps (outside of the navigation mode) and Facebook.
Well, it seems that at least Facebook’s dark mode is on the way, judging by a recent development in that direction in Facebook Lite for Android – a toggle has appeared in the hamburger menu, letting you make the switch.
Other apps in Facebook’s family have been more progressive in this respect. Messenger, for example, got a dark mode about a year ago, while Instagram jumped on the bandwagon in October. Let’s see when the full-fledged Facebook app will follow suit.
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