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Bern: Deadly tumble on a gym mat in Belp: the manager’s emotion


Feb. 18, 2020

The accident that cost the life of a thirteen-year-old girl on February 9 in a trampoline room in Belp (BE) is due to fatality, estimates the operator. An initial analysis of the facts shows that no one can be blamed for misconduct.
The operator of the BounceLab site returned to the press on Tuesday on the circumstances which led to the drama ten days earlier. It was a Sunday. Before the accident, which occurred around 6:00 p.m., around thirty people and two supervisors were in the trampoline room, explained director Marcel Meier, who was at times very moved.
The teenager, who later had the accident, was in the hallway with a friend. “The girls were calm,” and displayed no “risky behavior,” said Marcel Meier. The accident did not happen on a trampoline, but on a mat on which the girls were tumbling.
Head first
On the third attempt, the thirteen-year-old girl accidentally crossed the boundaries of the mat, her head hitting the hard floor first. The alarm was immediately triggered and first aid was quickly given, said Marcel Meier, who was present that day and who claims to have joined the victim “within 60 seconds”.
The teenager, living in the canton of Bern, died in hospital last Friday, as a result of her injuries. The question immediately arose whether the business should close.
However, it was decided to keep the room open and to donate the receipts from Sunday to Friday to the family of the victim. “This gift is independent of any question of guilt. The family received unconditional support, ”noted Marcel Meier.
The Belp trampoline room, not far from Bern, has been in existence for three years. BounceLab operates another site in Rüti (ZH). A total of one million visitors have visited the two rooms since their opening. According to internal statistics, 1 visitor in 7000 suffers from an accident.
New activity
Accidents mainly affect the ankles, ligaments or can lead to broken forearms in extreme cases. Supervisors intervene when the user behaves in a risky manner. According to internal guidelines, there are two supervisors for 50 visitors.
“Trampoline rooms are a relatively new activity,” insisted Marcel Meier. Because there are no standards yet, a directive has been developed with the Office of Accident Prevention (BPA).
The police investigation is under the direction of the Berne-Mittelland Regional Public Prosecutor’s Office. It aims to clarify the exact circumstances of the accident, a spokesman for the Bernese cantonal police told Keystone-ATS. (ats / Le Matin)
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