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THROWBACK! Which Merlin Cast Was Your Favourite


Feb. 18, 2020

Because we totally love good movie memories, we are intrigued to juggle your mind about the epic movie series, Merlin that ended six years go. 
We will not deny the fact that this series had us glued to our screens day in, day out with all the amazing actors bringing us a good show and so much suspense that we could never wait so long for a new episode or a new season. 
Recall that the series had six seasons of intriguing magic, humour, suspense, love, loyalty, betrayal and everything else that you could think of. 
So, in the spirit of good movie throwback, which of the following Merlin cast did you have goosebumps for whenever they came on screen?
Colin Morgan – Merlin
2. Bradley James – King Arthur
3. Katie McGrath – Morgan le Fay
4. Angel Colby – Guinevere
5. Richard Wilson – Gaius
6. John Hurt – Kilgarah
7. Anthony Head – Uther Pendragon
8. Eoin Macken- Gawain
9. Asa Butterfield– Mordred
10. Emilia Fox – Morgause
    We will be expecting your feedback as we bring you more gist from your favourite throwback epic series
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