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A man who the gods strike with stroke after beating his mother dead body (see details)

Dazio sawaneh

Feb. 21, 2020

Mr Chinadu is man from UKUWANI Local Government Area ,the brother traveled abroad during his stays at abroad he send money to his brother Mr Chinedu to build houses for him but Mr Chinedu built the one his staying with his family and the mother, when the brother came to visit to check what the brother has done with the money he has been sending to him, he called the brother to ask him about the house he built for him, what he replied his brother is that the money he sent to him was not enough for him to complete the house during their discussion their mother came out and tell the elder brother that this house they are staying is for him ,Mr Chinedu became angry with the mother, threaten to kill his brother saying if he up raise the issue of the house again, because of the situation between the two brother the mother develop heart attack that turn to stroke.
Mr Chinedu elder brother decide to go back to abroad knowing fully well what his brother is capable of ,Mr Chinedu mother became seriously sick and he refuse to take care of her just because the mother never supported his evil plan but he only took her to a local place, that no good food and treatment were offered for her which lead to her early grave .after she died they called his son to come and carry her but he refused, the native woman taking care of her took the dead body to the son place immediately  as chinedu comes back he found the dead body lying in front of his house , out of hatred Mr ichinedu started flogging the dead body of her mother on the [process neighbors noticed what happening and started shouting the next thing he did was to throw the dead body away from his window, instantly he was seriously strike with stroke all his body paralyzed and the mother was buried by the wife and family member, what a world after some year later he started asking for forgiveness
do you think this man will ever find peace In his family secondly will he be forgiven by her dead mother
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