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Skydio 2 Review: The Best Self-Flying Drone Is Now A Great All-Rounder


March. 11, 2020

Around a year and a half ago, Skydio blew my mind. The then-unknown company presented the R1 drone to the world, and it was quite special. Typically, follow features and obstacle avoidance aren't very effective, or only work in certain modes (i.e. with compromises). Skydio's R1 put these features front and center, and it did them incredibly well. But there were still caveats. The R1 was prohibitively expensive ($2,499 at launch), large, clunky and limited in what it could do beyond all that following and obstacle avoiding.
Enter the Skydio 2, the company's second take on a drone. It's cheaper, smaller and much more versatile. The hope is that it will be the much-needed DJI rival we deserve, and I'm excited about it enough to say right here that it is. But, and yes there are some buts, it still has some edges that need smoothing out. I'll get to those in good time, but for now, let's start with the positives.
Incredibly capable obstacle avoidance
The new controller allows for exciting shot opportunities
Perfect for new and experienced pilots alike
Video link could be more stable
Batteries need to be charged on the drone (or with an accessory)
While the camera is capable there are fewer pro features
Skydio’s second drone dramatically improves upon its predecessor in every way that matters -- price, size and versatility. The AI obstacle avoidance and follow features are improved, the drone is faster and battery life is longer. But, to get the full experience, you’ll need to pay at least $149 more for one of the controllers. The Skydio 2 does still have room for improvement. The video connection could be more robust, charging batteries on the drone is less than ideal, and the camera isn’t as competent as those found on DJI’s drones at the same price.
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