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Coronavirus lockdown for several more weeks at least, says Welsh minister

Hussein Gollo

April. 09, 2020

The lockdown due to coronavirus will remain in place for "several more weeks at the very least", the Welsh health minister has said.
Vaughan Gething told the BBC "we need to give a much clearer message that this isn't going to end anytime soon".
First Minister Mark Drakeford confirmed on Wednesday that the measures in Wales will be extended into next week.
Ministers from across the UK will discuss a review of the lockdown arrangements later on Thursday.
So far, the UK government has declined to say whether it will extend the coronavirus lockdown in England.
Coronavirus lockdown in Wales to be extended Don't expect too much from lockdown review
Speaking on Radio 5 Live, Mr Gething said: "We haven't put a definite period of the end of lockdown because we do want to have a conversation with all four nations about the emerging scientific evidence and advice, on how far the measures we've taken so far have made an impact on flattening the curve on reducing the admission to our health service, and indeed on saving lives.
"I actually think the honest truth is we'll review lockdown.
"We may agree review periods for lockdown, but we need to give a much clearer message that this isn't going to end anytime soon.
"We're in for several more weeks at the very least."
Earlier, he told BBC Breakfast it was important to be "straight with the public", saying that "if we don't provide a clear message to the public" then people might be under the impression the lockdown measures might be lifted.
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