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Shocking! Woman Born Without Vagina Gets An Artificial One And Has To Expand It Manually [Video]

Dennis KE

May. 19, 2020

Born without any $ex organs, an 18-year-old girl has undergone life-changing surgery to create a new vagina.
Until now, Jyoti Gambill-Read has lived with a variation of the condition ‘inter$ex’ - something she defines as ‘not having the typical binary $ex organs or parts.’  Starting to develop as a boy in utero for the first 12 weeks, Jyoti’s growth suddenly halted and since then, she has identified as female and started to take oestrogen in her early teenage years.  Jyoti, who resides in Hopkins, Minnesota, has never let her condition hold her back - but just a few weeks ago, she decided to have complex surgery that will enable her to have a more conventional $ex life going forward with a new vaginal opening and canal.
Jyoti said being inter$ex has definitely impacted her self-esteem and her confidence.
Dr Hossein Aliabadi is a paediatric urologist who has been in practice for some 30 years.  Very experienced at this level, Dr Aliabadi was also pleased with the outcome of the surgery.  Speaking before the operation, he said: “Jyoti was essentially born with male chromosomes and therefore, there were no internal organs of a female.Jyoti was adopted from India when she was an infant by parents Susan and Patrick.
It is understood that the reason her birth parents surrendered her for adoption was due to her condition.  Due to Patrick being transgender, him and Susan were faced with a few roadblocks throughout the adoption process – but they eventually managed to bring Jyoti and her younger brother, Krish, into their family.   
They have been with Jyoti every step of the way and couldn’t be more proud of their daughter.  Jyoti also thanks her best friend of 10 years for being her rock throughout her journey.  
Going forward, Jyoti needs to make sure to dilate her new opening in order to allow it to expand and not heal over itself. 
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