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Shocking! Meet The Dad Who Grew Horns On His Head And Has Two Tongues [Video]

Dennis KE

May. 20, 2020

26 year old Pedro Kenso, from Brasilia, Brazil has also had both eyeballs tattooed, a bifurcated tongue and even partially cut ears.
The most painful thing he's ever done was to cut his ears. However bad the pain was, he doesn’t regret any of his choices:
“I don’t regret it, if I could go back in time, I would just get even more modifications,” Pedro jokes.
His first tattoo was his mother’s name, Lucia, on his arm – and at first she struggled to come to terms with her son’s extreme tattoos and modifications.
Even his wife, Vanessa didn’t have any tattoos when he first met him but before long she was hooked as well.
But as parents raising a young daughter, both Pedro and Vanessa have to deal with lots a prejudice from the public.
Vanessa explains referring to Pedro: “The image that people have of him, they think he’s aggressive. People ask me if I’m afraid of him, but he’s so affectionate.”
The worst moments for Pedro are when he is out with his family.
But Pedro is so used to the prejudice and misconceptions that he is not even bothered by it anymore.
“Modification is something tribal, very ancient – we always want to stand out from the crowd,” Wildson explained.
Having battled with drug addiction in the past, some of Pedro’s tattoos symbolise the two different paths he faced in the past.
Showing his two arms, Pedro explains: “Here is Jesus, and on the other side is the devil – I used to do bad things, I used to do cocaine.”
Pedro is proud that part of his life is behind him and says that tattoo art is what saved him.
Now he is happily married and raising a daughter.
He said: “My family is everything, you know? My relationship with my daughter is good – I am a present father, everyday by her side.”
All he wishes for their future as a family is for their daughter to grow happy and away from bad influences.
He said: “I have already gone through so many things that I don’t want my daughter to go through.”
Although his wife Vanessa is proud of him, she thinks he has reached his limit.
She said: “I’m proud of him, of how he’s dedicated himself to his work – I think he’s already reached a limit, but he still wants to do more modifications, he wants to be extreme.”
For Pedro, it’s not just about the aesthetic look, his own tattoos and modifications are the focus of his artistic self-expression.
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