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Baby Thief Lynched After Being Caught In The Act (watch)

Edwin Abanga

May. 22, 2020

An unidentified woman believed to be a nurse has been caught red-handed in an attempt to steal and sell-off a newly born baby.
The incident which happened in Okpokpo in Nigeria has left many shocked and asking questions about the trustworthiness, integrity, and safety in the hands of nurses in the country.
According to sources, the supposed nurse works with Mother of Mercy Hospital and Maternity. She as caught pants down holding the newly born baby in a cloth walking outside the premises of the hospital.
Her weird behavior attracted the attention of some passersby. She was apprehended and all she could say was she was looking for the mother of the newborn baby. Her reason did not go down well with the people.
So the probed further and pushed her to call the mother of the newborn baby to prove that indeed she knew the mother, which she couldn’t.But for the timely intervention of the police, she would have been lynched for baby theft.  
watch video here:
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