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I Feel Embarrassed Whenever I Go Out With My Husband, He Has Started Noticing It – What Should I Do?

Maame Enuwah

Aug. 06, 2020

My name is Nancy, a Chartered Accountant working in a private firm. My husband and I have been married for two years. Our marriage has been very blissful and a happy one. I love my husband but I hate going out with him because of how he behaves and how he expresses himself in English.
I fell in love with my husband because he made me laugh all the time. It was very easy to relate to him. Personally, I was not bothered by how he spoke his English in the beginning because he expressed himself just fine in our mother tongue and the most important thing is, we were in love with each other. I actually thought I could change that about him as time went on but he wasn’t taking the lessons seriously.
My company normally organizes dinners at the end of every quarter and we are allowed to bring our spouses. Every time I take my husband there, he tries so hard to speak English with my colleagues at work and it’s really embarrassing to see them making faces at each other when he opens his mouth to talk. I have tried helping him out with his table manners too. For that, he has improved a little but he still falters sometimes.
This has started getting to me and I have been distancing myself from him whenever we go to these functions. I feel he has noticed it too but nobody wants to raise the topic for discussion. I am scared my actions are hurting him but I cannot help it. What should I do?
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