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Men's Midlife Crisis: What Causes It

Aba Brew

Aug. 06, 2020

They say a man’s life begins at forty. After all, it is a time where most men are settled down with a family, an established career, and a blissful retirement to look forward to.
 However, middle-age life may not be as idyllic as most would imagine because for some men, it is that time where the signs of midlife crisis for a man start knocking on their door.
Here are factors that bring about midlife crisis for men.
#1 The physical signs of aging. One day, you notice that you catch your breath after going up a short flight of stairs. You’ll also notice the dad bod, greying hair and the receding hairline, along with decreasing stamina during s3x. All these physical signs tell one story: you’ve passed the prime of youth and are on your way towards physical deterioration.
#2 Thoughts about his own mortality. Perhaps brought on by the death of a parent or sudden passing of a friend. Other times he experiences a close brush with death by suffering a mild stroke or diagnosed with something ominous. These alarm bells tell you death comes sooner or later. Time is running out for you to do the things that you want.
#3 Regrets on unfulfilled life goals. It is a fact that being an adult can be difficult. And it mostly takes its toll on a person’s dreams and goals. When dealing with responsibilities overtakes a man’s life, he has no choice but to put these plans and dreams aside.
The problems start when these unfulfilled dreams and goals haunt him. He thinks that he’s already too old, and it’s too late to be pursuing his goals.
#4 Feelings of inadequacy or uselessness brought by his age. At work, they pass promotions off to the younger guys because you’re not 
as tech-savvy or energetic. At home, your kids spend less time with you because your taste for recreational activities are kind of “boring.” These kinds of experiences make a man feel “left behind.”
This is when Midlife crisis creeps in like a disease and changes a man’s behaviour, emotions and interaction with his loved ones.
If you are seeing any of this factor its best to talk it out with your love ones or a therapist to help you get through this stage in life.
Life hits hard sometimes but its best to face the storm and rise to your potential.
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